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Romantic, funny and interesting movies for Valentine’s Day on Netflix

On occasion of Valentine's Day, let’s go through some touching love stories and watch them with your loved ones on Netflix. 

As we all know, Netflix is one of the most popular paid movie streaming services. If you want to know more about this app, you can access The truth about top 1 movie app - Netflix that you have to know And now, let's go straight to the best romantic movies. 

Pretty Woman 
Opening the list is "Pretty woman", released in 1990, considered the most famous romantic comedy of all time. The story is about the "fairy" love story of a prostitute girl Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) and a wealthy businessman Edward Lewis (Richard Gere).

Right from the first time they met each other, Mr Edward thought she was an interesting girl. But more than interesting, she brought him a new world with nice dishes, beautiful places, good friends and her bright smile. As for Vivian, at first, she only considered him as a bargain, but sooner, she knew Edward was unusual bargain. The man is full of power and charm, but also sad and lonely. 

They fall in love with each other deeply, and then succeed in breaking prejudice and overcoming the power of money. 

Beauty and the Beast (1991) 

For those who love romances and believe in realistic fantasy, Walt Disney's Beauty and the Beast is a great choice for Valentine's day. The love story between Belle and the ugly but benevolent monster has become one of the most familiar footage for millions of viewers over generations. The film received two nominations at the Oscar award. Alan Menken and Howard Ashman's song "Beauty and the Beast" won the Academy Award for best film song, while Menken's soundtrack won an Oscar for best soundtrack. 

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Notting Hill 

Until now, Notting Hill has been ranked as one of Hollywood's most romantic films. William Thacker is a gentle guy, owning a beautiful bookstore but getting divorced and staying at the peaceful Notting Hill in London. One day, a beautiful, famous actress Anna Scott accidentally entered his life. For now, those accidental encounters have sparked a romantic emotion. And from here, the life of William guy had a big change. Although, the love of two people belonged to two different worlds, but after all they came back together.

One day 

Adapted from the novel of the same name by David Nicholls, the film is a journey of love throughout the youthful years of the characters Dexter and Emma. After the night of meeting and being together after the graduation ceremony, the two of them once again met each other for a day to know the life of the other. When Dexter was chasing after “out-of-reach” pleasures and happiness, Emma was still waiting for him. Through many challenges, the two finally realized they were a match made in heaven. 

La La Land

Launched at the end of 2016, La La Land has created a big hit. The love story between pianist Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and actress Mia (Emma Stone) is the highlight of the 2016. The film has led audiences into a multi-emotional story of love and dream.  At the Oscars Awards, the film received six important awards. Surely, this is the sweetest choice for couples during this year's Valentine.

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Have you all seen these famous films? If not all, watch the remaining ones, have fun!



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Ankstesnė Kita Aukštyn Tema Programinė įranga / Windows / Chameleono variklio klaida (2544 skaityta)

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