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- barneystinsontr 2020-02-26 08:42
If you’re selling your MacBook Pro device or giving it away to someone, it’s not enough to just delete the files on your device and call it a day before handing your device off. For extra precaution, the best idea is to restore your MacBook from factory settings.

Before you start erasing the disk, make sure you take the back up your data and log out from all of your accounts and services. When you’re done with the things mentioned previously, plug in your power adapter and follow the steps mentioned below regarding How to factory reset MacBook Pro.

Restart in Recovery Mode

You are going to erase your startup disk, so the first thing that you need to do is a startup from the recovery partition. To do so, click Restart to restart your device. When your MacBook pro shuts off and then powers back on, press and hold Command+R keys until you see the Apple logo on the screen. Then release the keys and proceed to the follow-up steps.

Erase Data from Mac Hard Drive

While your device is in Recovery Mode, you won’t see your usual login screen. Instead, you’ll see the macOS utility window. Here are steps that you need to follow:

a. In the macOS utility window, choose Disk Utility and click Continue.
b. Choose your disk and click on Erase.
c. Then click on the Mac OS Extended as the format.
d. Now click on Erase.
e. Now, wait until the process is completed. When it’s done, go to the Disk Utility menu at the top of your MacBook screen and quit the Disk Utility.

Reinstall macOS (optional)

Now, the hard drive of your MacBook Pro is completely erased and free from any of your data, you can perform a clean installation of macOS. You can do so while your MacBook Pro is still in the recovery mode. From the same macOS utility window where we are earlier, click on Reinstall macOS (You should consider installing a new macOS Catalina).

But doing this isn’t necessary as if you are giving your Mac to someone else to enjoy, you may just leave it so that the new owner can set it up according to their convenience.

Now you are done with the factory reset of MacBook Pro and your MacBook pro is fully prepared for its new owner. Don’t forget, you can use these instructions as well if you are selling your Mac or if you want to erase your startup disk to reinstall macOS.

We hope you found this blog helpful. To know more details about How to reset Macbook Pro or any other assistance regarding your Mac and any other device feel free to visit our web portal at Howtouninstallmy.com
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Tėvinis CarrieMoore 2020-03-05 09:24
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Ankstesnė Kita Aukštyn Tema Programinė įranga / Windows / How to Reset MacBook Pro from Factory Settings? (153 skaityta)

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